Charlie Smith makes sad boi music for smart boi’s.

Have It All 4.8/5 BARKS.*

It took me a while to get around to listening to Charlie Smith, but holy shit am I glad I did. The latest single by him places us back into the warm flannel security of the 1990s. While managing to sound grungy it by no means sounds as if it’s a cheap imitation or remake similar to that of today’s grunge-style music.

I found “Have It All” to be introspective, broody, and not so overbearing that you feel you’re responsible for the emotional inventory of the musical artist. You’re clearly listening to Charlie Smith’s work, about Charlie Smith. You’re given this gift from him, to listen to his work. That, I feel contributes to his staying power. While this may appear distant from his audience it allows the audience to derive their own meaning and experience to his work.

I listened to Smith’s entire catalog, and color me impressed…this shit is cool.

You’ll be reminded of Nirvana, and Pearl Jam while well aware you’re listening to someone else entirely.

Charlie Smith can be streamed on: Spotify, Apple Music, and Band Camp
Follow Charlie Smith on: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
*We review music on a sliding scale. 1 is the lowest rating something can be rated. 5 is the highest.

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