Rating System & Guidelines

Each song submitted/discovered is reviewed and rated on a scale of one (1) to five (5) “barks” One being the lowest rating a song can receive. Five being the highest.

Each rating and review will be unbiased, courteous, multi-layered, and most of all honest.

While the appeal to Heavy Brutus is the exposure of unknown artists, Heavy Brutus will occasionally and briefly review a new song or a current popular artist. This is solely for fun, and will by no means remove attention from the lesser-known artists. Heavy Brutus’ main focus will always be the smaller artists, grinding hard to get their music out there.

In order for Heavy Brutus to rate and review a song there are a few do’s and dont’s that need to be followed:

The Artist 🛑CAN NOT🛑:

🚫Have more than 1 Million followers on any form of social media. (Over 20k followers is pushing it but I know you crazy kids like to buy followers sometimes.)

🚫Be signed to a major record label.

🚫Be a promotion tool or an “industry plant” on social media. (We will find out. We will be mean.)

🚫Purchase/Bribe a “good bark mark” or a “positive review”.

🚫Be rude, inappropriate, threatening, or shitty to Heavy Brutus, if we reach out to ASK to write a review on you. We’ll not only do it anyway, but we’ll also roast you to death on every social media platform you exist on. Also, don’t do it from a second “anonymous” social media handle. We can totally tell it’s you.

  • This rule expands to people upset with their over all review or the manner in which the review was written. If you are displeased with your review you ARE allowed to dispute it, POLITELY with sincereity and decency.
    • You may not harass Heavy Brutus, use vulgarities, racial slurs, slurs of any protected class in the United States.
      • We (HeavyBrutus) includes sexuality, sexual identity &political allignment.
  • Do not contact/”doxx” Heavy Brutus, it’s creator, contributors, past covered talent, future covered talent or suspected creators, contributors, covered talent past, present, or future by issuing threats of bodily harm, threats to life, intellectual harm, reputational harm, as a means to discredit, socially alienate, mentally/emotionally exhaust for any reason what-so-ever. This pertains to any entity or individual.

We wish to harbor a safe, honest, place for unknown/unsigned artists and anyone who jeopardizes that will not only be the subject of a legal conversation but via Champagne Bottle Tribute.

🍾We will pop them thangz.🍾

The Artist 👍CAN👍:

👍Reach out to Heavy Brutus personally and have their song reviewed. You can do this by contacting Heavy Brutus directly and linking to your Spotify/Apple Music/Pandora/SoundCloud etc.


👍 Contest a “Bad Bark”. If you feel Heavy Brutus got it wrong. If the review on your work got it completely wrong. Let us know. Keep in mind, your response/Heavy Brutus interaction could be published on here as an entry.

👍Submit your music as often, and as many times as you’d like…within reason.

👍It is encouraged and appreciated if you comment, share, our review of your work with your audience and followers.

We are protected by Amdt1.3.1: Freedom of Press.