Heavy Brutus 101

Heavy Brutus is a rating and review site for talented yet unknown music artists. I like music, can’t play anything, and try as I might I sure as shit can’t mix anything. I do, however, love talking about it. I’ve made so many friends who are musical artists who are frustrated with how little air time they get due to the industrial plant, and social media cash grab each influencer is after.
I do not hate the players. I hate the game. Of course, they’re doing this, wouldn’t you?

Being a rap/hip hop fan though…It’s frustrating. Everything is so commercialized and over-saturated we are collectively ignoring unknown talent. For what? A Mainstream to threaten to beat up an SNL comedian? It’s a joke.

I look forward to posting about the music that I find and like. I hope you enjoy it too.
Don’t forget, you can disagree with me, I’m all for a discourse.