Big D teaches us that nothing is, Impossible.

Naija Boy EP 2.9/5 BARKS.* I get to meet a lot of fantastic artists who are just as thrilled I’m writing about them, as I am to be writing about them. Occasionally the music is so bad…it is impossible to rate that low. Respectfully, Big D is no hindrance. Honest as Abe, Big D gives a candid look…More

Ayodrew needs you to listen, ‘Right Now’.

‘RIGHT NOW’: 4.2/5 BARKS.* Whenever I rate and review an artist or a release by an artist, I listen to their entire published collection (that I have access to) Sometimes, that looks like dancing in my kitchen, headbanging while cleaning, or pretending I’m in a music video. Other times, it looks like me sitting at…More