UNRULY applies the Pressure.

“Pressure”-4.5/5 BARKS.*

If you’ve been reading (as you should have been) you’ll know, that I love dirty, dark, rap music. The raw, unapologetic hype, and the execution of a beat get me so goddamn-fired up, that it’s blatant I’m just some rando-white kid. I just want to fuck shit up to this song. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lover, not a fighter…but holy christ, what a time.

Unruly lit a spark, that reminded me why I started Heavy Brutus. Here is a dude, not a huge back catalog, who is like, “Know what? I have something to say…” and then he DROPS THIS FUCKING BOMB ON US?!

Unruly capitalizes on his penetrating vocals, pairs them up with an unforgiving beat, and drives it all home with a “Fuck around and find out.” mentality. “Pressure” goes hard, it’s an announcement, it’s an introduction to who he is and what you can expect. It’s a promise.

While you could argue that you’ve heard artists like Unruly before, and you’ve definitely heard “Pressure” before, I implore you, to listen to, “The Armistice“. Where the aforementioned raw fury, meets intellect and truth. You will walk away a changed person, aware you’ve been given insight and a vulnerable look at…truth.

*Heavy Brutus rates on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being poor, 5 being excellent. Our mascot is a dog, and dogs bark, so…that’s the name of our rating scale. If you don’t like it, try asking God to change the sound a dog makes.

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