JoeJas is the cool kid you slept on…idiot.

Sudeeflips! 4.0/5 BARKS.*

I was ready to clown on JoeJas….I was ready to talk about how it sounded like he put the studio mic in his mouth, and just talked. I was going to talk about how Tyler The Creator was offended by his poor imitation of his music. I was ready.

JoeJas however said, “Not the fuck today.” and has left me with egg on my face. For good reason. This shit is fire.

You have never heard of JoeJas but I assure you, you must.

JoeJas has (thankfully) grown. Musically, he’s sophisticated and articulate. Marketably, he is IN IT. He knows what he has to do, how he has to package things, and who bites what…

JoeJas is doing everything correctly. He is producing music, he is creating fun album art, his social media game is no joke, he is delightfully curated in a way that makes you feel as though you are a piece of his image, not necessarily an audience member. This on JoeJas’ part is strategic, and yet candid all in one swing.

I listened to his entire discography, it was very “Kick Push” meets “Alright”.

Listening to Suedeflips! was the kick in ass I needed. I love everyone I write about, but passing out 1/5’s gets old. I didn’t want to do that anymore today. I mean…I will in the future that shit is funny…but we all need something to bop to. Shit is weird anymore.**

I am excited to hear more from JoeJas, I think he can only go up from here.

*Music is rated 1 to 5. 1 being god awful, 5 being the best. Everything is measured in an arbitrary “BARKS.” measurement. Our mascot is a dog. It makes sense.

**I’m typing this on a desktop PC. Shit has changed. Shit is shit.

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