Get high with Dart Trees.

Music for Dudes Named Ryan-Dart Trees

Music for Dudes Named Ryan 3.7/5 BARKS.*

The steel guitar tells you you’re on vacation, the lyrics inform you you’re a drunk junior in college.

Dart Trees are not pretending to be anything other than themselves. You aren’t getting the impression they’re pretending to be the world’s finest musicians but you’re well aware they know what the fuck they’re doing. Which is rare.

The music is introspective, without being draining. The lyrics are goofy, without being irksome. You listen because you relate, you keep hitting play because their instrumentals are more than tolerable.

The drunk white boy’s swan song.

With only one EP hailing four songs, Dart Trees gave us a lasting impression. If you stick with them, you’re sure to hear their growth.

Or, rather, if they stick with you.

Tony Soprano but He Smokes Weed” was my personal favorite. It was fun, reminiscent of basement shows, and swirled on the palate like stale cigarettes and beer. Before you bastards started sucking on batteries, spitting out vapor, and chugging bubbly water.

Forgive me for wanting to look cool while I poison myself.

Dart Trees has been added to the summer drive playlist. Locked and loaded.

I hope the ever-talented Ottawan’s stick around for a long while, they’re sure to grasp a dedicated fanbase.

Hell, I’d even wear their merch.

Dart Trees stream on: Spotify, Apple Music, and Band Camp.

Follow Dart Trees: Instagram or Twitter.

*We rate music on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being bad. I had a really funny story, but I deleted it because it’s come to my attention some people can’t fucking hang.

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