Skuff Micksun has got heart though…

“Magnificent” 5/5 BARKS.*

Skuff Micksun regenerates the existential reawakening musicians and bands (The Killers, Cold Play, Mumford and Sons, Mraz, etc.) gave us in jaunty packages in the mid-2000s. The comparisons of such are not new to Heavy Brutus…and as much as the worry exists in saying that might bore you (the reader), I can’t help but find those comparisons to be accurate depictors. If you have a problem with it feel free to issue a complaint.

Kidding. I hate complaints.

Speaking of complaints…

I have none.

Skuff Micksun releases music for the deep thinker who has seen their fair share of shit, and who has felt the sun in the aftermath. Life is not fair, nor is it always beautiful; but Skuff Micksun takes the ugly and unfair and creates amazing thought-provoking music with it.

The music of Skuff Micksun administers the dark, honest, and upbeat in the sense that Mac Miller’s music is dark, honest and upbeat. Skuff Micksun gives us a lesson in all that sucks, isn’t always the end of the world, and while you reel in that pain and suffering you have an understanding voice at the other end of your speaker.

I wish Skuff Micksun’s music was released a decade earlier.
I could have used an understanding voice at the other end of my speakers.

Instead, I had Mormon guilt, and undiagnosed depression.

Critically speaking (because that is my job like it or not), Skuff Micksun’s music I worry wont stand the test of time. I get concerned that his music will be over shadowed by what’s “in” what’s “sexy” and what’s sellable. This is by no means the fault of Skuff Micksun but a clear indication that we who love and appreciate art have failed to embrace the earnest and real, and choose to accept the false, pre-packaged, low thought, “Ready-To-Consume” art corporations pass off to us. Do not let the Skuff Micksun’s of the world fade to back behind the pretty faces of mass media.


Skuff Micksun can be streamed on, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and YouTube.
You can find Skuff Micksun at: Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

*You: “Whoa! What the heck does ‘BARKS‘ mean?” Heavy Brutus: “Oh, it’s just the way we rate artists and music. Instead of stars we use ‘BARKS‘ because Heavy Brutus’ mascot is a dog.” You: “Wait, wait, wait you mean to tell me 1 ‘BARK’ is bad? While 5 “BARKS” is good?” Heavy Brutus: “It’s ‘BARKS‘. Whether it’s 1 or 5…it’s always ‘BARKS‘.” You: “Grammatically AND phonetically that makes no sense.” Heavy Brutus: “Well…its our way of playing God so…” You: “Hey now…that’s just dark I don’t like that.” Heavy Brutus: “Wait…God? Is that you?” God: “No that’s not me that’s some random who doesn’t understand the rating scale of music. They’re gone though.” Heavy Brutus: “Oh. Ok. Thanks.” God: 🙂 Heavy Brutus: 🙂

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