Jay Fortuna & Discreet hit us with a freestyle.

“Doe Stack Freestyle” 4/5 BARKS.*

One thing we love here at Heavy Brutus is a freestyle that has that gritty sound of a mixtape.
Jay Fortuna and Discreet deliver that immediately with the release of “Doe Stack Freestyle“. It’s fun, it’s encouraging, and in the places where it is clunky…it mixes well and is easily forgiven due to the informal release and feel.

This is the kind of freestyle you can bump to get you hyped up for your next adventure. Whether that’s the next big job interview or racing the senior citizen circuit in your scooters.

Upon listening to more from both artists, I love the overall partnership. It works really well for them and I hope to hear more from the duo soon.

It’s tempting to review each of them individually, but I’d much rather wait for more from either.

Don’t miss the train on this one. It’s been a long time since we’ve had the gritty sound of a mixtape and I for one missed it.

*Music is reviewed on a “BARK MARK” Scale of 1 to 5. 1 being not good….5 being p damn amazing.

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