Uncle Cobes is anything but “Too Late”…

Too Late” 3.8/5 BARKS.*

Uncle Cobes sound isn’t necessarily a sound you’ve never heard before, but that’s ok…because Uncle Cobes knows what works. He knows in order to elevate to the mainstream you currently need to create familiar hooks, with familiar beats surrounding familiar topics. While some may angrily refer to this as stale, we find it to be a brilliant move entrepreneurially.
Uncle Cobes knows what works, and continues to act accordingly.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good experimental sound, and often times you’ll find those brave ventures out past the norm to gain a perfect 5/5 rating, but something about Uncle Cobes’ marketability AND versatility we find rousing. While we sing his praises, there is so much more growth to be had on Uncle Cobes’ behalf but, we think he’ll navigate that perfectly considering while going back to his submissions in 2019, we listen to Uncle Cobes’ single “Glow” and it was refreshing because you can clearly tell how much he’s grown audibly and artistically in these few years. We enjoyed “Glow” but enjoyed the glow-up aftermath so much more. We noticed the sophistication Cobes’ took in such singles like “Day Dreamers” or 2020’s single “Cobe$” these had the feel of old school mixtapes that we MISS.

Uncle Cobes manages to tap into what we currently have, and what we’re currently missing.

The man is in two places at once.

In closing, I would love to hear Uncle Cobes with more hyped-out features, while he stands on his own flawlessly there is something about the way he manages to work well with others that is something we’ve been lacking ever since the death of mixtapes.

Uncle Cobes can be streamed EVERYWHERE
Uncle Cobes can be found on Twitter and Instagram

*Music is rated on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being the lowest rating music can earn and 5 being the most. Sure, we’d like to change it to just a thumbs up-thumbs down situation, but we’ve done this to ourselves, and currently live in a prison of our own doing.

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