Austin Archer has ADHD.

Sweet Rejection 4.6/5 BARKS.*

We hate comedic music. That’s right, fuck you Weird Al Yankovich…we hate it. We didn’t like Bo Burnham’s tearfully ironic album INSIDE We–*checks previous posting.*….nevermind.

Musical Comedy isn’t our thing. It’s in your face in the way that a child who just discovered they said something to make an adult laugh is. It’s the “You got any games on your phone?” equivalent to music. Dear God, make it stop.

This isn’t the case with Austin Archer though, Personally, I’ve been following him on TikTok for a few years, and find his comedy to be…well..fucking funny.

The way I dislike some musical comedy (SOME.) is the way that I sometimes dislike myself. Forgetting that, for a while Sarah Silvermans shock album Jesus is Magic was constantly on repeat.** It was a way for my awkward, unsure self to make friends who had a similar worldview. It was a way to say, “I’m a shy kid, I’m an awkward kid, but I think funny things are really fucking funny.”

I loved Austin Archer’s albums Now That’s What I Call A Bunch of Austin Archers Tik Tok Songs Compiled Into an Album VOL 1-3. They were topical, well done, not too edgy that they alienate, but edgy enough for a laugh. Genuinely good, goofy songs that didn’t cram depression and the overwhelming feeling of desolation down your throat. You’d be able to play those albums at a party without bumming people out or offending someone.

This isn’t a comedy album review blog though…

Remove the idea that Austin Archer is a comedian and you’re left with, “Austin Archer is a musician.” let’s touch on that:

Austin Archer creates music for anyone who’s ever disappointed their mother. Anyone who spat on their reflection in their mirror, while simultaneously telling the outside world, “I’m ok.”. Anyone who has ever been fed up with their own bullshit.

His music is genuine, and not always coddling pretty subjects, however, they’re so beautifully done you have no idea he’s asking you “Are You Killing Yourself?” Austin teaches us, that sometimes sad people are fucking funny, and sometimes funny people are fucking sad. Life isn’t linear, or black and white. Good can exist in bad, as bad can exist in good.

Austin Archer writes songs, how I wish I wrote blog entries, appealing yet honest.

Audibly, his sound rarely changes, quite synthesized with a vintage mid-era vinyl sound to it. The type of music you’d hear in an indie film that would develop into an earworm for the next decade. Occasionally, it is both beachy and cold particularly in a song such as, “Let’s Move” or “People Pleaser“.

Sweet Rejection” manages to grasp every ounce of emotion and place it into a pleasant and universal box, wrapped with a mirrored gift wrap. It’s a damn good song, and he’s a damn good artist.

The best way to listen to Austin Archer is via his Band Camp page.
Austin Archer has a Podcast, Instagram and Twitter

*We review music on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being 👎 and 5 being 👍. BARKS. is the unit of measurement. It’s also what a dog does. See logo.

**I have grown since the edgy teen, lost and scared in their own identity. I currently find the music and subject matter on most of the Jesus is Magic album by Sarah Silverman to be offensive and not at all helpful to a society trying so damn hard to be better. I simply used her as an example, because at one time in my life that album served a purpose for me.

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