Young Hawk IA

1.6/5 BARKS.*

Well…The Set List Tracks is definitely an album that Young Hawk IA did.

We aren’t negative people here. We love all music, we are well aware not a single one of us can create music.

I heard a 10-second snippet of Young Hawk IA’s music a few months ago, and assumed, “Oh…that’s how the music sounds.”

It’s not.

I’m confident Young Hawk IA has an audience that loves his music because I can see the appeal. It’s layered properly, it can hit the ears well, it’s honest…
then it just…flys off the fucking rails.

His social media presence is really positive, which I think helps, specifically because it’s so hard being any different than a cis-gendered, heterosexual man in any form of art or entertainment. If this review was on his personality it would be a stellar review, however, it is objectively about his music.

Ah yes, his music; repetitive and occasionally repellant sounds similar to PlayStation 2’s EJ CLUB WORLD and Apple Garage Band. I have no doubt the lyrics featured on his album The Statement come from an honest place, however, I do not believe his sound is honest.

In my opinion, Young Hawk IA writes first, produces last but fails to do so in a way that will marry the two, incorrectly under the impression that the boxier a beat is, the more appealing it is. Again, in my opinion, He doesn’t strike me as an artist who will grow much past these sounds, primarily because to an extent it’s working for him, and why fix what hasn’t appeared to be broken?

While it’s tempting to say, “Young Hawk IA is creating music he enjoys creating.” I don’t think I believe that either. I think artistically he’s capable of creating amazing work, but continually sells himself short by taking the easiest path musically. He wants virality and clicks, he earns them he’s happy very little about Young Hawk IA has to do with his music.

Young Hawk IA is streaming on Sound Cloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

*Music is rated and reviewed on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being not the best, 5 being flawless.

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