Wade Wilson sings at us, but it’s ok because his flow is 100.

Chop House 3.9/5 BARKS.*

It’s late on a summer night, you’re in your favorite city. There’s the smell of rain in the air, Wade Wilson’s “Mantra” begins playing. You’re a part of a grind, but you’re too smart to be grounded down.

Wade Wilson gives you music to think to. Music to smoke to. Music that understands you, and you understand it. This is pure poetry paired with flutes, drums, bass, guitar…it’s an entire experience.

Initially, I want to roast him for making us sit through the singing, but if we remove the desire to critique the quality of the actual SINGING and pair its coarseness with the flow of the rapping, it makes sense and it holds its own, as an intrical part of his poetry.

Chop House is a damn good EP, it’s emotional without being contentious. It flows skillfully, manages to be intimate without being discordant to its audience. You’ll hear rock influences and even a touch of Pink Floyd in tracks like “Strange” that will entice you to listen, more and more. Also, I couldn’t help but notice a slight similarity between Wade Wilson and Cystic, at some points, it was like I was listening to the same album by both, is this a resurgence in the alt-hip hop genre? Time will only tell.

Mechanically, everything flows beautifully! If I had to nit-pick (which I do…its a review blog.), I’d want the singing to be mastered just a little bit more because while what I said earlier is true, it also runs the risk of sounding like an out-of-place track placed on top of another track.

Chop House puts you in the driver’s seat of a Diablo Stallion in the middle of Liberty City. Buckle up.

Wade Wilson can be streamed on: Spotify and Apple Music.
You can also find Wade Wilson on: Instagram and Twitter.

*Music is rated on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 being the worst, 5 being great.

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