River Knight is what your dad’s garage band aspires to…

Grow 3.7/5 BARKS.*

When I’m at a bar, shoving jager bomb drop shots down my gullet; I find the accompanying band of the latest local legends to be charming and comforting. That’s the vibe I get from listening to River Knight‘s album Grow.

While some might find the amateurish mixing and mastering to be off-putting, I think it adds to the quality of the lyrics and allows us to focus on the guitars and accompanying vocals.
The songs are really brilliant. I found Sense Out of Crisis to be really, uniquely profound in of itself. The album Grow is essentially an album that celebrates growth and change. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a rainy dreary day when you’re inside clearing out yesterseasons dust. As much as I wanted to be cynical and punchy about it, I really think it’s pretty fucking cool.

This is a blog for unknown, un(/der) represented musical artists/acts…we aren’t going to hear the finest of production quality, but the way someone presents their art, and themselves is everything. River Knight not only presents themselves as honest artists, but they’re also realistic. Not in a cynical way, but in a way that they know what they present, and so will you. While I do find it hard to ignore mixing errors in songs like She Came Around, Mystic Miles, and a couple of others. I feel that those very errors and missteps work to their advantage in tracks like Strength In Numbers, and Regret My Goodbyes.

River Knight doesn’t want to be on the cover of Rollingstone (they opted for Heavy Brutus and we’re way fucking cooler anyway.) but they DO want to have fun, and share it with you. Lyrically River Knight is not only fun but nearly sophisticated, but approachable enough that if you’re lucky enough to have a beer with your friends at a pub and they’re playing on the juke you might be inclined to go, “hey these guys are pretty cool.”.

I enjoyed the music. I know in the future they’re going to present off as better, but overall the album was fun yet deep.

River Knight can be streamed on both Spotify and Apple Music.

*We review music on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being not great 5 being OH GOOD HEAVENS good. BARKS. is the term of the numeric sum we rate at. Our mascot is a dog, it makes sense. Hey does anyone read these? If you do let me get an “OWAOWA”.

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