Cliff Whitakker wishes you the best…

Wish You The Best 4.6/5 BARKS.*

Cliff Whitakker’s streamable resume doesn’t present a lot of songs. This is disheartening, especially if you’re like us and heard “Wish You The Best” I found Whitakker’s imagination when it comes to writing and producing songs to be nearly as entertaining as the song themselves. You’ll hear a familiar tune at the head of a song, which informs you…

It’s ok to dream.

And what a fucking cool gift is that?

In closing, for the love of christ release more music.

*Reviews are based on a one to five (1-5) scale. 1 being not good. 5 being flawless. Sometimes it’s dangerous to linger in the 5’s. Don’t you think? “What are BARKS.?” A form of communication a dog uses.

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